charts, charting, charted
1) N-COUNT A chart is a diagram, picture, or graph which is intended to make information easier to understand.
See also , flow chart, pie chart

Male unemployment was 14.2%, compared with 5.8% for women (see chart on next page)...

The chart below shows our top 10 choices.

2) N-COUNT A chart is a map of the sea or stars.

...charts of Greek waters.

3) VERB If you chart an area of land, sea, or sky, or a feature in that area, you make a map of the area or show the feature in it.

[V n] Portuguese explorers had charted the west coast of Africa as far as Sierra Leone...

[V n] Ptolemy charted more than 1000 stars in 48 constellations...

[V n] These seas have been well charted.

4) N-COUNT: usu pl The charts are the official lists that show which pop records have sold the most copies each week.

This album confirmed The Orb's status as national stars, going straight to Number One in the charts...

They topped both the US singles and album charts at the same time.

5) VERB If you chart the development or progress of something, you observe it and record or show it. You can also say that a report or graph charts the development or progress of something.

[V n] One GP has charted a dramatic rise in local childhood asthma since the M25 was built nearby...

[V n] This magnificent show charts his meteoric rise from `small town' country singer to top international Rock idol...

[V n] Bulletin boards charted each executive's progress.

6) VERB If a person or plan charts a course of action, they describe what should be done in order to achieve something or to make progress in the future. [FORMAL]

[V n] We've charted a possible way forward...

[V n] NATO had charted a new course for stability and cooperation in Europe...

[V n] Your future is already neatly planned and charted.


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